Fake It 'Til You Bake It

Or, Gluten Free Eating In Eastern Massachusetts

I'm a working wife in my mid-twenties who loves to cook. I have a husband who comes home hungry every single night - how did that happen? I'm learning how to bake, and I love to experiment with new techniques and ingredients. My pantry is always changing, and every week I try to get something at the grocery store that I haven't cooked with before - or maybe don't even know what I'm going to do with. I fry fast, I roast low and slow, and everything in between!
I want to encourage young women and men alike to get into the kitchen and cook - not only because you can make delicious, nutritious, exciting food, but because it will help your budget as well. I like take out Chinese food as much as anybody does (No, really, I love it) but at $45 an order, I can make at least two dinners with leftovers for lunches!